Standard Instructions

CR01-101.  Introduction to Jury Charge (06/01/07).  This is a short, generic instruction that may be used to introduce the closing instructions.

CR02-021.  Reading of the Charge (05/27/03).   The instructions on the essential elements should begin with the reading of the charge.  For the sake of clarity, the committee recommends focusing on the charge itself, and not on the underlying statute.  The information controls.  It is dangerous and confusing to read or paraphrase the statute, which often includes concepts that are not part of the case. 

CR02-031.  Criminal Information is Not Evidence  (01/10/05)

CR02-051.  “On or About” (05/27/03)

CR02-061.  “At or About”  (09/05/02).  The court should give this instruction only if the location of the offense is a material issue in the case. 

CR02-071.  Do Not Consider Delay  (05/27/03)

CR02-081.  Do Not Consider Consequences (01/04/02)

CR02-101.  Rulings of Court  (06/18/03)

CR02-111.  Sympathy or Prejudice (06/09/03)

CR02-121.  Important Case  (05/27/03)