Unlawful Restraint

Reporter’s Notes

Kidnapping.  For cases discussing issues related to kidnapping, see, e.g., State v. Jones, 2011 VT 90; State v. Goodhue, 2003 VT 85, 175 Vt. 457; State v. Carrasquillo, 173 Vt. 557 (2002) (mem.).

Unlawful Restraint of a Mentally Incompetent Person.  The statute, 13 V.S.A. § 2406(a)(2), proscribes the taking or enticing of a “mentally incompetent person” without the consent of the custodian.  If the complaining witness is a mentally incompetent adult, and therefore legally unable to consent, it is not clear whether the State must prove an adjudication of incompetency, or whether the State may simply prove that the person is mentally incompetent.